The Intterra Standards of Cover (SoC) Tool provides an overall geospatial and dashboard view of your SoC performance against your benchmarks.  This can be broken down into station and battalions, department-wide, and also for any date range desired.  The primary value is that it reduces the need for multiple reports, can be shared with decision-makers or the public, and can dramatically reduce staff time in assembling complex data into easy-to-see laptop or tablet-based graph and map formats.

SoC requires RMS integration and is available in most Metro Intterra systems.

Using the Standards of Cover (SoC) Tool

To see the SoC Report in Intterra, access the Standards of Cover (SoC) Tool from the Tools Menu (usually available in the Analytics Workspace).
  1. Adjust the parameters for date range, stations, jurisdictions, population zones, and incident types, as needed for your analysis. 
  2. If report parameters were adjusted, select Update (just below the parameter choices).  NOTE: AVL data may take a couple of minutes to process, particularly for longer date ranges. 
  3. Click Generate PDF for a detailed report (see below).
  4. The report produced is in the form of donut charts with selectable slices showing percent compliant to the benchmark.  Select each slice to receive additional value information.   
  5. Select Show Map Data to get a picture of the data clusters occurring within the timeframe chosen (see below).

Set View of the Map

When Show Map Data is selected, the data is summarized as count or percent using grid cells on the map.  You can control how the data is summarized in the cells, as well as adjust the size of the cells.
  1. Select how you want the data to be summarized in the cells - total calls, non-compliant, and % non-compliant.
  2. Adjust the slider to control the size of the cells.
  3. Use the legend to understand the display.

PDF Report

Selecting Generate PDF opens a detailed text Standards of Cover report for viewing, downloading, and printing (based on the date and jurisdiction parameters you selected).