As of August 2021, advanced users of the Airborne Intel Tool can rename and delete missions and can delete individual products that are associated with a mission.  A special data role is required and needs to be set up your account admin.  

Mistakes happen!  Sometimes products are loaded to Intterra's Airborne Intel Tool from the aircraft that are misnamed, misplaced or are of poor quality.  There is also a need to remove products created for training and testing or that contain sensitive information.  This new advance function allows managers to clean up the missions and products that  they are responsible directly. 

Rename a Mission

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  1. Select edit
  2. Rename - Text can contain spaces and special characters not permitted in the transfers process
  3. Save
NOTE: The products associated with the mission and are NOT renamed.  Products that are downloads with contain the original name. If its importance for downloaded products to have a new name, please delete the mission and resubmit the products with the new name.

Delete a Mission or Product

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  1. Click on the trashcan icon - either for the mission or for a product.
  2. Confirm the deletion by typing delete me.
  3. Click on Select.

Note:  If a mission is deleted and then a product is loaded with the same mission name as the deleted mission, all the products we be visible again.  To prevent this from happening, either use a different name or delete the products first. 

Note: This tool does not make any changes to the files in the S3 bucket.