For an Intterra hosted feature services to support ArcGIS Online workflows and applications, two things need to be enabled in the feature's database: GlobalIDs and Archiving.  Enabling GlobalIDs and Archiving ensures that features are managed properly in a disconnected environment. This allows the feature service to be used in applications like Survey123, Collector, and QuickCapture. 

Enabling GlobalIDs and Archiving on GIS data layers
  • Right click on feature class or select multiple
  • Add GlobalID

  • Enable Archiving

Publishing a Feature Service for use in Survey123

A Service for use in Survey123 should have the following attributes:

  • Be a single feature class

  • No spaces in feature class name.  (This is so that the auto-generated geopoint name in Survey123 has no spaces)

Publishing a Feature Service for use in Collector or QuickCapture

Setting up feature services for Collector is a bit more flexible than for Survey123.  Although you can publish multiple layers in a feature service used in Collector or QuickCapture, there are some design elements that will help make the end user experience better.  Some key design considerations for using Intterra feature services for more successful use in Collector (and QuickCapture) include:

  • The published feature service should be simple

  • The number of fields visible should be limited for user experience.