Many users can create GIS Layers and host them on their own ArcGIS Online Organization account.  This gives them the ability to create custom layers based on a variety workflows.    


Benefits includes

  • Direct control of layer creation and design
  • The ability to use layers within AGOL
  • Ability to benefit from ArcGIS Pro tools


  • Requires experience with ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Online
  • May use ArcGIS Online credits increasing user costs
  • Things to consider include
  • If you are publishing for eventual use in Survey123, only publish one layer or feature class
  • If you require complex symbology it is best to publish the services to Intterra directly.


These set of procedures requires experience.  Refer to the ArcGIS Pro documentation

Create or load the desired layers in an ArcGIS Pro that you would like to publish to your ArcGIS Online account. 

In this example we will use a set of user created layers intended for mapping features for a Post Incident Analysis

Select Share>Web Layers to open dialog to share

Image Placeholder

Editing needs to be enabled for the feature service select  

Image Placeholder

Publish Service to your account

Now the service is published to an AGOL account

 Image Placeholder