The Field Tool can provide mobile position tracking directly to Intterra.  The performance of this capability is affected by several device and setting factors, all of which are described below.

NOTE: In addition to the affect of user settings covered below, we have noticed that on some devices the location quality provided in the Field Tool app is not as accurate as that provided by different map apps on the same device.  

Device Requirements

Not all mobile devices have a built-in GPS.  If you have (or are considering getting) a "WiFi-only" device, please consider these factors.  WiFi-only devices acquire a location from nearby WiFi hotspots (even those they're not connected to), so the location can be very imprecise. 

Use of the Field Tool's GPS tracking on WiFi-only devices is not recommended.

Field Tool Installation and Settings


When opening the app for the first time after installing/loading, ALLOW the app to access your location information (even when you are not using the app).  This allows the app to continue to send your position when your device is asleep.

When logging in, select OK to the app accessing your motion and fitness activity.  This gives the app access to your device location when it is open in the background.

You can confirm the settings in Settings at these levels:
  • Privacy
    • Location Services: On
  • SA Field Tool
    • Location: Allow location access Always
    • Motion & Fitness: On
    • Cellular Data: On


Your device may have a different menu structure depending upon the manufacturer, model, etc.

When installing from the Google Play store, ACCEPT app access to Location and Wi-Fi Connection Information.

You can confirm the settings in Settings at these levels:
  • Location
    • Location: On
    • Mode: High accuracy is recommended
  • Application Manager/SA Field Tool
    • You can view, but generally not change permissions for the SA Field Tool regarding location, activity recognition (accelerometer), network access, prevention from sleeping, extra location services.

The Field Tool Setup Consists of....

  • A valid username and password for Intterra.
  • Entry of “Full Name” in the User Profile portion of Settings.
  • Turning on “Share My Location” in the User Profile portion of Settings.

Use of the Field Tool

Whenever the application is turned on, has a user logged in, and the app is set up for sharing location information, it will send position locations via cellular network or WiFi every 30 meters or 2.5 minutes, unless:
  • There is no or poor connectivity.  When in offline mode, the device will not transmit locations until a connection has been reestablished (this is done automatically unless the application has been placed in FORCE OFFLINE mode).
  • The device is off.
  • The device is in Airplane mode.
  • The app is closed (swiped off).
  • The device is not in motion.
    • Has not moved more than 30 meters.
    • No motion is sensed.

Tracking Resources in Intterra

Please see Mobile Resources Tool for more information about viewing and managing resources and units in Intterra (to include any devices running the Field Tool).

Some Field Tool device locations are automatically removed (“scrubbed”) from display in Intterra.  Any device that has not been edited in Intterra's Mobile Resource Tool (i.e., had a label added) AND has not reported a position location in three days will be automatically removed from the map and resource table in Intterra.