NEW!  An update to the Layers Menu  that improves and simplifies advanced layer functions such as clear settings, export layers, adjust transparency, and more.   Basic layers functionality has not changed and will be familiar for users.

What’s changing?  
  • A common configuration icon replaces the Basic/Advanced options at the top of the layers menu.  As with the legacy Basic/Advanced, this opens access to Clear Layer Settings and Export Map.  We added an Info link to a layers overview and description of common layers.

  • Users can directly access layer details and settings without having to first go to layer Advanced mode.  Within each Layer users can click on the Details button to configure that layer for their own local use - adjust Layer Opacity, view Data Source, and Keep Layer In All Workspaces.  Clicking on the here opens Layer Animation and Remove Layer from your session.

  • Additionally, if a layer tries to load and is unsuccessful, the user will be notified via a warning icon on that layer. 

Click Layers Menu for more information.