New! Intterra Maps provides 'click and navigate' functionality for pilots using the popular ForeFlight app. A mission location can be shared from Maps to Foreflight users in just a few clicks.  Depending on the client and user role, a ForeFlight section is available under Route to Location in the Info PanelClick on the map and share that location as a waypoint directly to ForeFlight on your device or copy the link and share to a another user.

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  • Clicking on a location on the map opens the Info Panel.
  • Pilots using an iOS device with ForeFlight installed can click on ForeFlight under Route to Location.
    • The single click opens ForeFlight, loads a waypoint and opens the route tab. 
    • Users can add the waypoint t a new or existing route with one click.
  • From a PC, MAC, or mobile device without ForeFlight installed, users can copy and share the navigation link to a ForeFlight user from the Copy icon.  Clicking on the link opens ForeFlight and loads the waypoint as above.