Starting June of 2020, we are rolling out new and improved incident mapping capabilities.  The focus is improved data compatibility, simplified workflows, addition incident types and mapping features, and improved labeling and attachments.

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Overall, the Incident Management workflow remains the same. You lay down an incident, where we have included some new incident types, then add relevant features and associate them back to the incident.

The main enhancements are : 
  • Wildfire integration and workflow
    • Aligns Wildfire Incident collection and Triage collection to the national standard
    • Contains an Initial Attack service, to support a simplified workflow during the beginning stages of a wildfire.  Full or IA - client choice.
    • Two services to support Triage symbol display, California and NWCG.  Client choice.
  • Workflow focused – Simplified and logical grouping
    • Includes a single Current Mapped Incidents layer group for viewing all incident mapping to simplify and reduce clutter for users or workspaces that don’t need to manage (add or edit) incident data.  
    • Moves hard-to-find incident information and access features into their own layer group.
    • New Management tools (updating the incident name and clearing the map) that are more granular so you delete the data you mean to delete.
  • Improved symbology and feature set
    • New Critical Infrastructure , LAW and EMS. 
    • Attachments enabled for more layers, including incident points for photos and documents, i.e. IAP
  • Technical
    • Database is RDS SQL – scalability and data recovery improvements
    • Deployed on 10.7.1
If you have questions, please contact your Intterra account manager or