New in June 2021! Multi Point Copy now available in the Airborne Intel Tool

 Copy geometry to map feature is a common workflow used this to quickly copy a heat perimeter from the airborne intel tool to an wildfire perimeter to share with all users.  The new Multi Point Copy saves time and effort by providing users with the ability to copy a vector product that may have dozens of points - isolated heat, structures, etc to the map in one step.  The result are individual points that can be edited and managed.  
Now, when you select a product with multiple points, a panel will pop-up with instructions and a place the enter an incident name that will be added to all the points when added to the map.  As with copying other features, you can then select the layer to 'paste' the products into. The products will be added and you will be taken to the edit page the last feature created.  

See Airborne/Satellite Intel Tool for more information.

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