Current Known Issues:

NOTE: 3rd party layers used by Intterra sometimes stop working either because the provider stopped sharing or made a change in the access point of credentials.  For the latest on layers and know issues, please check Common Data Layers in Intterra.  

1. Data Export Intermittent Errors

Users are experiencing intermittent errors when exporting EGP/BLM Lighting strike and other data using the export tool.  The issue is being worked.  In the mean time: 

  • You can waiting and try again using a smaller extent (less data). 
  • To print a map to share that you can do a screen print of what the map rather than export.  This is useful if you do NOT need a georeferenced. -
  • To export lightning data the Oregon, Keno and Montana clients have additional lightning layers that do work. 

3. Intterra webpage is blank on some iPhones
Extreme rare, only two reported occurrences - both personal iPhones.  After logging into the Intterra web app, then web page is blank.   It is most likely caused by a security setting or app running on the device, but the two cases were able to be resolved by the user.

4. Field Tool will not open on some iOS devices
There are reports of the Field Tool not opening on some iOS devices.  The issue appears to be isolated to 1) agency owned devices managed by a third-party Mobile Device Management (MDM) application AND 2) using iOS 14.1 or later.  

5. Layer Export Tool does not export KML format files
The export tools does not support the export of KML format layers such as InciWeb.  There is no message to the user indicating that it is not a comparable format.  

6. San Diego imagery and Aviation Charts (chartbundle) fail to load
These 2 WMS layers fail to load at times.  This happens when the layer state is remembered by Saved Settings - clearing saved settings is the workaround.  So if the layer is off in the main settings when the workspace loads it displays when toggled on.  If it was on the last time the workspace was used and a user opens that workspace, the saved settings won't load the layer and the user can't either.  So far we have only found this in WMS layers, but are testing more. 

Recently Resolved Issues:

1. Briefing Mode is not working properly
Two issues are occurring:
  • The analytics panel is not opening as expected
  • Clicking on a region on the maps doesn't always display the associated regions data in the panel.  This occurs when viewing areas small than the GACC - Nation and GACC work fine. 
When this occurs, clearing user settings can clear up issues for a while -

2. Add Layer tool not importing zipped shape files
There is bug that prevents zipped shaped files from importing.  There is no pop-up message. KML and other imports still work and provide a workaround to adding data. 

3. Layer Export Tool fails sometimes when creating geoPDF format files
There a bug in the export process for geoPDF's that results in one of two issues - 
  • The geoPDF process generates an Intterra Export Request Error email in some, but not all, instances.  Use layers the come from the EGP seems be more likely to fail.  
  • When using the USGS basemaps, the geoPDF process generates a the file, but there is only the basemap and no layer features (points, lines, and polygons).

4. Info Panel failed to open when clicking on a map feature
There is a bug some users are experiencing on the Maps app where tapping on the screen is unresponsive to clicks/taps - the Info Panel fails to open when clicking on a map feature.  This appears to be isolated to the Chrome browser.  The engineers are actively working on a solution.  The work around is to use a different browser - i.e. Edge, Firefox, or Safari. 

5. Keep in all workplaces doesn't function
This 'advanced' layers tool that would allow users to choose to display a layer from one workspace to all workspaces is not functioning.   Too add a layer to additional workspaces for all users, please contact our account rep or Intterra support. 

6. New iROC resource counts not populating correctly
The transition from ROSS to the new iROC for national resource order and status is in progress and resource counts are not currently calculating correctly. 

7. Select iOS device screens unresponsive to tapping to select features
We have confirmed reports that some iOS devices are unresponsive to tapping the screen to select features on the map to access the info pane.  We are actively working on a solution and have reported the issue to ERSI. 
  • Devices - The issue appears to be limited to some Apple iPad Air 2 and 3 and some iPad Pro's using the latest iOS version 13.3.  
  • Browsers - Chrome appears to work correctly and is a possible workaround.  The issue has been experienced with Safari and Firefox.    
8. Export Layer shape not working
Export layer as a GIS shape file is not currently working.  Users can export as a geodatabase as an alternative.  GeoPDF is functioning as well. 

9. Duplicate records in Performance Tools and Analytics Dashboards
We have detected an issue in our Performance Tools and Dashboard data that is resulting in duplicate records.  We are actively working to resolve the issue and will communicate as we have more information.

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