This lesson is intended for advanced users who will be adding features from other sources, managing incident naming and edits, and removing inactive incidents in Intterra.




  • Use Add a Layer Tool to add a layer to your display.
    • KML file (your own or sample available below).
    • GIS Shapefile zipped (your own or sample available below).
    • View added layers at bottom of layer list.
    • User the Manage Layers menu's Advanced Setting to zoom to the extent of the layers.
  • Copy shape from one layer into your incident map for all users to see.
    •  Create an incident from an IRWIN incident.
      • Select an IRWIN incident.
      • Copy.
      • "Paste" into a new Intterra incident.
      • Ensure correct name and save.
    • Create a perimeter by copying.
      • One of your add layers, or 
      • Public Fire Perimeters (NIFS).
      • Ensure correct name and save.
  • Use Incidents Tool to manage incident naming.
    • Identify potential errors in incident naming.
    • Rename incidents.
  • Use Incidents Tool to delete (archive) inactive incidents. 

Additional Resources 

Instructor notes: 

  • Not all users have access to Rename and Delete functions in the Incidents Tool.