This lesson is intended for users who will be using the Field Tool to collect and view Intterra mapping.


  • Have an Intterra account username and password.  


The Field Tool is an extension of Intterra.  It's recommended that users first demonstrate proficiency with basic skills in Intterra (such as mapping and editing), since the Field Tool is used to gather the same type of information (like incidents and/or preplans/structure assessments).



  • With internet access.
    • Log in and launch the Field Tool app.
    • Create a profile.
    • Share location, if and when desired.
    • Optional: View your Mobile Unit location in Intterra. 
    • Change your basemap.
    • Turn on desired layers.
    • View and understand auto-cache settings for a layer - frequency and radius from your location of data loading to your map.
  • Navigate the map.
    • Zoom in and out, pan away from your location.
    • Turn your location indicator on and off to zoom back to your location.
  • Collect data while you have good internet connectivity.
    • Add a point feature (structure assessment, preplan or wildfire point) by drawing it on the map. 
    • Complete the form by accessing the tabs. 
    • If available, select an autofill field (blue globe symbol) to select incident name, address, or preplan name, etc.
    • Add a photo, if photos are enabled for that type of data point.
    • SAVE.
    • Add a line feature using "Use Current Location," i.e., GPS tracking.
    • Complete the form and save.
    • Optional: View your mapped items in Intterra. 
  • Edit data with good internet connectivity.
    • Select a map feature to edit.
    • Change or add text to the form.
    • Add a photo, if photos are enabled for that type. 
    • Change the location of the feature.
    • Save.
  • Create an offline area with desired base maps and Intterra mapped features.
    • Turn on Force Offline.
    • Collect and edit in your offline area using the same steps as above with connectivity. 
    • View the list of un-synced feature (Settings > Manage Features).
    • Turn off Force Offline.
    • Confirm data sync by viewing un-synced list and pop message on map.
    • Optional: View your mapping in Intterra (with internet connectivity).
  • Update your offline area with good internet connectivity.
    • View additional features from your mapping and others using Intterra or the Field Tool.
  • If on, turn off Share Location to stop sharing your location and save battery life. 
  • Close the Field Tool to save battery life.
  • Log out only if you want to clear user profile, offline areas, and data.  

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