The Intterra Data Center utilizes several lookup tables to support the processing of the Intterra Operations and Performance tools enabling data to be enhanced beyond what is provided through the unit and incident data feeds.  The lookup tables consist of data is relatively static and descriptive in nature, enabling Intterra to present the data in more customized way.  Data within the look up tables enable functionality such as dropdown filters in the performance tools, symbols in the SitStat Monitor, and the tracking of available units tailored to the agency.  

The initial population and maintenance of the lookup tables is a critical step in the onboarding process for the Intterra application.

In all cases, Intterra will populate an initial draft of the lookup tables based on the sample data provided.  While columns will be filled in as best as possible, the client needs to review the extracted data, confirm it is how you want the data organized and fill in any missing information.

The lookup tables and their associated functions are listed below.  The linked spreadsheet files or web page provide table definitions, examples and a worksheet to provide the client a convenient method to review and submit their own lookup table values.   

Intterra Tool(s)
General Lookup Tables
Client unit information references, i.e., unit icon labels, unit types, drawdown groups, etc
Cad Codes
Client CAD incident codes' information; provides Intterra map symbol lookup for the SitStat operational awareness tool.
Response Priorities
Client unit response priority code reference; used to classify into standardized emergent (hot) or non-emergent (cold) response categories.
Client Fire Station location references; provides latitude/longitude coordinates for non-AVL equipped units located at a station.
Group and Agencies
Client agency-specific data and preferences, i.e., time zones, default latitude/longitude coordinates, etc.  'Group' is used for the overall client preferences and 'Agencies' for the more agency-specific information and preferences within the Group.
Group and Agencies.xlsx
Tool Specific Lookup Tables
Client SoC benchmark repository; stores client SoC performance benchmarks.
Coming soon
Response Classes
Client custom incident type response type classifications reference table.
Coming soon
Unit Status
Client CAD unit status code reference - used to standardize client unit statuses used to symbolize the unit status in SitStat.