Intterra can now consume hosted feature services from ArcGIS Online. This provides Intterra Clients the option to host and maintain their data using AGOL while leveraging the advantages of seeing that data in Intterra.  Depending how it is published and secured, editing the data is possible in Intterra as well.

Some of the likely uses include -
  • A client can (1) create a hydrant inspection application in ArcGIS Pro, (2) use ArcGIS Collector to maintain data in the field, and then (3) can view the hydrant information in Intterra.
  • A client can create a structure triage tool in Survey 123 and then view it in Intterra alongside Intterra-hosted services.
  • A client can create a hosted feature service and then use ArcGIS QuickCapture for Damage Assessment and show the features in Intterra.
  • Viewing supplemental data, quickly


  • Available for visualization in Intterra:
    • Feature Layer / Feature Layer (hosted)
    • Tile Layer / Tile Layer (hosted)
  • Items like Layer Views, Web Maps, Web Mapping Applications cannot be directly visualized in AGOL. Most of the time, we can consume the underlying Feature or Tile layer that supports the Web Map, Web Application or Layer view. 
  • When visualizing a Feature Layer, Intterra can only show symbology from root Feature Layer itself.
    • If the Feature Layer is a URL saved from an ArcGIS Server, you will see the symbology defined in the service from the ArcGIS Server.
    • If the Feature Layer has several views in your AGOL Account and the views change, those changes will only be viewable in ArcGIS Online Only.
  • Raster Tiled Services must be published & tiled in SRID: 3857 and follow the ESRI standard tiling scheme:
                  Image Placeholder
  • Legends for AGOL services are not viewable in Intterra
  • If using Survey123 Connect you can create a survey and publish a feature service through that application to an AGOL account.  This creates a non-symbolized service that will display in Intterra as a red dot - detailed symbology established in Survey 1-2-3 will not transfer.
  • If sharing an AGOL service that is hosted by another organization,  there may be issues in the ingest/display if the settings are not established per the instructions below.


These are instructions to create a way to share AGOL Hosted Services to Intterra. 
  1. Create a group in your organization.
  2. Image Placeholder
  3. Name the group with your assigned group name (ie TVFR, ClarkCo, etc.) and the title following “Share with Intterra”.
  4. Image Placeholder
  5. Tag the group with your group name, department name, or other helpful search tag.
  6. Upload your logo as an image to the group (Optional, very helpful for Intterra staff).
  7. Share layers only to the group.
  8. Invite the user “ClientSharing_Intterra” to the group. Make sure that you uncheck the organization name filter.
  9. Notify us when a new layer is added to group.  Please note: Feature services from other organizations shared in group will need to be tested individually.
For any question contact your account rep or