1. Introductory Call

Persons: Client - Project Manager; Intterra - Account Manager

The goals of this meeting are:
  • Introduction of PMs (Client and Intterra) and Client agency – lay of the land, priority goals, competing projects, and possible landmines.
  • High-level walk-through of the onboarding process documentation and anticipating project timing.
  • Discuss what is required to fill out and return the Technical Landscape Survey - Submit to: support@intterragroup.com and CC your Intterra Account Manager. This survey will determine what personnel are needed on the tech calls for data integration.
  • Define your integration team – this will consist of individuals who knows the CAD or RMS data and someone who knows how to connect to the data (IT Support). In some cases, this may be the same person.

2. Technical Meeting

Persons: Client - Project Manager, Data Analyst, GIS Lead; Intterra - Account Manager, Onboarding Specialist, GIS Lead

Prerequisites: Completed Technical Landscape survey delivered to Intterra

This is a high-level meeting that concludes with one decision and homework for both parties. The goals of this meeting are:
  • Review Intterra GIS Requirements document and answer any questions.
  • Define how to set up the pipeline for your CAD or RMS data to flow into the Intterra Data Center.
  • Deliver the materials your team needs to complete the next steps:
    • Review and Complete the Client Data Lookup Tables before the next meeting.
    • Review the SitStat Data Definitions and the Analytics Data Definitions and complete the field mapping matrix (located for download at the top of each page).
    • First draft of the query to get the required and desired data elements from your CAD or RMS tables to ingest into the Intterra Data Center: this must be a collaborative effort. You know your data and we know ours. To facilitate this, please prepare a first draft of a query that extracts your data elements.
  • For Intterra to come prepared to the Technical II meeting, please provide the following:
    • Any field definitions that you have available from your CAD or RMS tables.
    • A sample dataset (about a day’s worth of data) from your CAD or RMS tables.

3. Technical Meeting II

Persons: Client – Data Analyst, IT Professional (if necessary); Intterra – Onboarding Specialist

Prerequisites: Client Data Lookup Tables completed and returned, then loaded by Intterra; First draft of query written; table schema reviewed by Client and Intterra

This meeting will last much longer than the first and requires only the technical personnel. The goals of this meeting are:
  • Test and alter query and assure data elements are all accounted for.
  • Install DSA, applicable only if this is how you are piping data into the Intterra Data Center.
  • Ensure data is flowing in properly and diagnose any failures.