As Intterra grows the data necessary to fuel the Fire Data Lab (FDL), we need agency data that helps build the demographics for comparison and research.  To do so, we have created a series of surveys that are used to collect this data -- to get this set of data initiated, and we will be asking for your assistance to compile data over the next few weeks.

The first survey, “General Information,” is in the top row of the below chart.  Depending upon the services your agency provides, you may need to fill out a few additional datasets (as directed in the “General Survey”).  All surveys are listed here, for ease of use:

General Information
General Information Survey Link
EMS Survey Link
Technical Rescue
Technical Rescue Survey Link
HazMat Survey Link
Fire Prevention
Fire Prevention Survey Link

We anticipate that it may take as much as two hours, only because you may need to collect and confirm this data with your analysts and reporting team(s).  Your Intterra Account Manager can support you during the filling out and submission process.  The main thing we need is the appropriate contact with whom to work.

The only rules that we ask that you follow:
  1. Please submit the fully completed survey in one sitting.  (The full list of questions is available when you click on the link so that you can determine where you need to confirm answers).

  2. AND

  3. We request that you use the same "Survey Identifier" in each survey.  This is the initial question that is asked and refers to the name of your agency.  Your Intterra Account Manager can help remind you what you used as time goes on and future surveys are released.

Over time, this agency metadata will be available for you to confirm and update in your Intterra toolset.  We appreciate your patience as we collect this data via a survey mechanism.

Thank you in advance for your help with and participation in the FDL!