In order to implement the Analytics & Reporting module, RMS data must be extracted from the client source system and ingested by Intterra.  

Intterra has experience interfacing with many RMS systems, and may be able to provide you with sample queries to help facilitate the process of building the data feed.  Both Incident and Unit data is needed for Analytics.

You will find a detailed list of the data commonly provided for both Incidents in Units in the FieldMappingMatrix_Analytics spreadsheet.  The spreadsheet contains 2 tabs:  Analytics Incidents & Analytics Units.

The spreadsheet identifies:

Logical Order: A simple numeric column that can be used to preserve the logical order of the fields if the spreadsheet is re-sorted.
Field:  Specifies the exact field naming convention, including capitalization, for the data attribute to successfully be ingested for Analytics.
Required (Ingest Requirement/Functional Requirement/Conditional/Optional):  Identifies the importance of the data field within the submitted data set.
Type:  The expected data type for each attribute.
Impact: Provides an explanation of what happens if the fields is not completed.  
Description: Provides a business description of what each field is to facilitate mapping the correct attribute from the RMS source system
Example: A hypothetical data value to provide an example of the desired/expected input for the specified field.

Required Definitions

Ingest Requirement - the data ingest will fail without this data element
Functional Requirement - the data ingest will succeed, but the system will not behave as designed without this data element.
Conditional - the data element is necessary if another element is not provided.
Optional - enhanced information may be available in the system if the element is provided, but there is not system impact when not.

Data Mapping

Please download the FieldMappingMatrix_Analytics spreadsheet and use with in conjunction with any sample queries provided to you by Intterra to create the needed queries to extract the data from your RMS system.  Please reach out to if you have any questions.