There is a suite of Wildfire Report Tools available for the state wildfire Intterra systems.  These have been designed to meet the requirements for viewing and summarizing the statewide and incident situations.  Similar to Briefing Mode, these tools are designed to make sharing of information even easier.  

List of Wildfire Report Tools

Source of Data and What Incidents are Displayed

The primary data source for all of these maps and reports is derived from IRWIN* fire data within your configured boundary.  This data is updated in Intterra every two minutes.

For all maps and reports, Intterra first establishes which fires from IRWIN are considered “active” by excluding “inactive” fires if any of these rules apply:

1A - 24 hours past control date of non-209 incident
1B - 24 hours past containment date
2 - percent contained greater than 99%
3 - 24 hours past 209 final status
4 - no 209 report submitted for 8 consecutive days
5 - invalid (future) IRWIN “ date modified
6 - 36 hours passed as an IRWIN-only incident
7 - WFDSS-only incident dropped from WFDSS XML feed

These are the foundational rules for each and every incident displayed in Intterra.  Additional rules are applied for the various maps and reports (most notably, the State Wildfire Activity Map and the five Interactive Report tools).

For full, detailed descriptions, refer to Your Wildfire Tools in SA 2017.pdf

* IRWIN is the Integrated Reporting of Wildland-Fire Information, a central hub of wildland fire data coordinated to reduce redundant data entry, to identify authoritative data sources, and to improve the consistency, availability, and accuracy of information about wildland fires.  See the IRWIN website for more about IRWIN.