The following enhancements have been made to the suite of Performance Tools - Incident Metrics, Incident Performance and Unit Performance.

  • Search for incidents (see note below)
  • Multi-select filters
  • Total count more prominent
  • % and count added to the legend next to the charts

NOTE: Deployment of the enhancements is being phased in across clients.  Contact your Intterra Account Rep for information for your system. 

NOTE: Incident Search 

  • The incident number search will take into account the date range selected.  If you are searching for an incident in 2018, you need to first set the date range, and apply the date BEFORE doing the search. 
  • The full incident number is required. 
  • The incident number search does not consideration the filters you have set on this screen. However,  if you say only show incidents that were responded to by Shift A, and this incident was responded to by shift C - the search will return the incident, but the incident circle will not show on the map - only the pinpoint indicating the location. 
For more information see: