Intterra's Reporting & Analytics provides industry-leading, easy to use Performance Tools and a fire Analytics Dashboard

Get Better Results...For Fire Chiefs, analysts, and administrators that need immediate information about how their department is performing at any level within the organization.

Fast Access to Reports...Open up the dashboard and adjust the data that you need to see. Or view your data in a map-based format. We want you to be able to get your reports instantly without offline number crunching. Always have the latest information.

Lots of Options...The intuitive interface lets you drill down into dozens of metrics enabling you to get reports that are unique to your department. Dropdown menus, checkboxes, and clicking and dragging get you the information you need, when you need it.

Supports Your Standards of Cover...Load your standards of cover data and track performance against the commitments you made to your community.

For State Wildfire Clients...There is a suite of Wildfire Report Tools available.  These have been designed to meet the requirements for viewing and summarizing the statewide and incident situations.  Similar to Briefing Mode, these tools are designed to make sharing of information even easier.  

Click here to see a list and description of all tools.

NOTE: You may not have all of these tools available in your system for your use.