The Incident Detail - Intterra & IRWIN Report includes detailed incident data associated with all “active” incidents in IRWIN and any “inactive” incidents with a ROSS resource assigned.  Intterra-mapped incident details are also brought into this report.  What’s not here: Incidents outside your state boundary.  

See Wildfire Report Tools for information on data sources and what incidents are displayed.

The information is displayed in an Intterra Interactive Table.  Refer to Interactive Tables for help on sorting, filtering, and exporting the information. 

Access the Incident Detail - Intterra & IRWIN Report from the Tools Menu in Intterra, usually available in the Plans Workspace.


What's Available?

NOTE: Landowner percent is calculated from an Intterra-mapped perimeter using the Federal Ownership Surface Management Agency (SMA) layer.  There will be no value for this field if there is not an Intterra-mapped perimeter associated with an incident.  See Incident Mapping Workflow.