The Incident Report tool in Intterra generates a detailed report, per incident, for ACTIVE incidents (correlating mapped incidents in Intterra and active IRWIN incidents) within your state boundary.  The report includes summary information similar to what is found in Briefing Mode - a simple map and also the ability to share by printing (including print to PDF and email).   

See Wildfire Report Tools for information on data sources and what incidents are displayed.

Access the active incident Report from the Tools Menu in Intterra, usually available in the Operations and Plans Workspaces.
  1. Click on Tools Menu.
  2. Select Incident Report.
  3. Click on Select Area.
  4. Draw your lasso around the incidents of interest.  You can draw using either the Trace or Vertex options.  The number of incidents selected will appear next to Incident
  5. Click on the Incident to open the report(s). 

NOTE: Only incidents within your state boarder will be selected.