There are several ways to conduct pre-incident planning.  Depending on the department the level of effort that s put into the information gathering process of preplans ranges from simple preplans which takes a little time to gather information to complex preplans such as active shooter preplans with floor plans. Below are some examples

A quick 2 minute preplan

This is an example of portraying some information that is useful to the responder but doesn’t really contain preplan information.  This examples show a gate with a knox box.  This really used to show how to access a location but not the location itself.

Thirty Minute Preplan

A 30 minute level of work showing building features.  This is what I would call the “where is the alarm panel so I can reset it fast” preplan.  These are for buildings that are tactically simple in terms of fire attack but needs information locating key features and hazard information.   

One Hour Preplan

The 1 hour preplan is a preplan focused on locating units within a larger or more complex building.  While still simple tactically, it may require a little more information to collect to locate a particular unit.

Greater than 1 Hour Preplan

The final is a school preplan with attached floor plans.  This is only an example but could also include buildings that are more complex such as a hospital, factory, high rise, etc.  This type of preplan requires more effort to collect information.