Intterra uses a third party aircraft tracking service to track aircraft flying missions that are integrated into the Airborne/Satellite Intel Tool.  

To track aircraft - 
  1. Open the Airborne Intel ToolNOTE: Not all clients and/or roles have access to this tool. 
  2. Look for missions that are active in the mission list indicated by the colored dot next to the mission name.
    • Green indicates that a mission aircraft is airborne. When the aircraft tracking service reports that a registered aircraft is airborne, a 'placeholder' mission is created using the tail number or designator for the aircraft.   The aircraft is tracked for 2 hours or until it sends collected data - whichever occurs first.
    • Red indicates that the mission is collecting. When products are received from the aircraft, the placeholder mission is replaced by a new mission using the mission name indicated in the data.  The red dot persists for 30 minutes after the last product is received. 
  3. Select a mission to open the mission details and products.  The aircraft will now appear on the map for that mission as well as the mission status and other information.
  4.  Select the FEATURES tab
  5. Click on the aircraft listed below AIRCRAFT will open the DESCRIPTION box with the last point altitude, speed, heading and coordinates.Image Placeholder
  6. Mouse over the listed aircraft will provide icons to show or hide and to zoom to the location of the aircraft.  
Image Placeholder

NOTE: Not all mission aircraft are tracked.