Files are named according to the below example (this is kml, but the same works for all submitted file types)
  • [Demo_101020181410Z]_[IRImage]_[153927111].kml
Optionally a production description name can be added for TACTICAL, DETECTION, IMAGERY, and VIDEO files.
  • [[Demo_101020181410Z]_[IRImage] _[153927111]_[ProductName].mp4
Description (by block)
  • [Demo_101020181500Z] – this block defines the mission that all files are grouped under

  • [IRImage] – this block must include one of the defined product types from the ICD.
    • For Imagery Products (saved in /IMAGERY) – EOImage, IRImage, HSImage
    • For Video Products (saved in /VIDEO) – VIDEOCLIP
  • [153927111] – this block provides a serial number for multiple products in a single mission. There are several options:
    • For Products listed by time – use HHMMSS111 (the 111 are placeholders for milliseconds). Must be 9 numerical characters
    • For Products listed by serial number – use a series (1, then 2, then 3). Do not repeat a serial number
    • For Products listed by label – use a unique label for each (Burnout). Do not repeat labels and do not include spaces or underlines (_)

  • [ProductName] – this block provides a description of the product to help users find what they are looking for beyond the time stamp or serial number.
    • It is available for TACTICAL, DETECTION, IMAGERY, and VIDEO files ONLY.
    • Do not include spaces or underlines (_)

Naming best practices

  • Start the mission using a mission name – For example,
    • Firewatch509Trinity_081320191642Z
  • If the mission purpose is new detections with no known name, the just continue with the that mission name for collected data. The final timestamp keeps the products unique and users can follow the mission in a single workspace.  Use the option product description to identify the incident for the end user.  For example,
    • FW509Trinity_081320191642Z_PERM_163800000_BigMountain.kmz.
  • If the mission is mapping known named fires(s), then change the mission name to the fire name in the file naming.  This can occur several times in a single flight.  Use the option product description to describe the product for the user.  For example,
    • FW509-CA-19-012345_VIDEO_163800000_Burnout.ts. 
The file naming convention is precise but there is no 'correct answer' for the strategy - just what is most useful for the end users.