The Intterra map Legend is available for data layers that already have legends included in them.*
  1. Click on the Legend icon.  Layers that are on in your view are listed in the tool.
  2. Click on the layer for which you want to see the Legend.  The legend, if available, will open and a blue bar will display next to the layer name.
  3. Optional: Select the Dock/undock icon to remove the Legend from the Info Panel and drag and drop it elsewhere on the map.
  4. Click and drag the lower right corner of the Legend box to resize.
  5. Select Dock/undock to send the Legend back to the Info Panel, or
  6. Close the Legend.

*NOTE: There are two reasons that there may not be a legend for some layers:
  1. Some data comes into Intterra with the information needed to decode symbols, and other data doesn't.  The Legend is the responsibility of the data creator, collector, and server.
  2. Legends for some layers are scale-dependent with the map and symbols will not display for items not visible on the map due to the zoom level.  Some sources do not report the scale-dependency.