New!  Intterra now has the ability to group and 'nest' layers together that share a common theme.  Simply press to open the list and  to close it. Click here for more info...

The Layers Menu displays all of the basemaps and layers of information available to you in Intterra.  You can easily identify select a basemap and which layers and sublayers are turned on or off and add your own data to your view.
Click here for descriptions of the common layer available layers and basemaps.

Getting started:

  1. Open the Layers Menu

  2. Select a basemap of choice.

  3. A blue bar on the left-hand side of the layer name indicates that the layer is on.  

  4. Clicking on the layer name toggles the layer off and on. 

  5. Clicking on the V icon next to the layer name opens sublayers and access to layer Details.  Sublayers can be toggled on and off here.  

  6. Note: Layer names that are shaded out indicate that the layer is not visible on the map due to the zoom range. Zoom in until the sublayer is visible. 
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Click here for more information on the Layers Menu.