This document provides a brief description of the data layers related to the Fire Integrated Real-Time Intelligence System (FIRIS) pilot program.
  • WIFIRE Fire Models - Completed WIFIRE model simulations; simulations are depicted in 30-minute intervals, displaying a 6 hour run.  The most recent model is on display. 
  • FIRIS Simulation Inputs - Points, lines, and polygons used as simulation inputs for the WIFIRE model. Trained users can manually add simulation points using the "add data" button in the left-hand blade.
  • FIRIS Aircraft Heat Perim - 24 hours - Heat perimeters mapped by the aircraft and displayed in separate 1 hour progressions/or a selected time series.
  • FIRIS Aircraft Intel - ALL Points, lines and polygons mapped and shared from the aircraft.
  • FIRIS Ground Intel - View-only Incident mapping of local, partner-agency incidents (including fire points, lines, operational areas and fire perimeters mapped in the field).  (Incident Data shared to FIRIS from other Intterra clients)
View the legend to see the symbology.
For more information on managing layers click here.