Intterra's Animate Layers feature displays selected sub-layers of a named layer in succession at a time interval that you can choose.  This can useful for layers such as NEXRAD Radar, NPSG 7 Day Outlook, NPSG Fire Danger (Day 1 - 7 ERC), etc. 

You can find this feature in Manage Layers; choose Advanced.
  1. Select the layer name that you know is an animation, and look for the Show Animation Settings button.  Click this button.  You can then select which sub-layer you would like to start the animation (all listed below), which sub-layer you would like to use as the end of the animation, as well as the frames per second (Frames/sec) value you would like.
  2. Click Play Animation.

NOTE: Only sub-layers that are activated (have a blue stripe on the left) are available for animation.  Ensure the sub-layers that you would like to see have been selected.

NOTE: If the blue stripe is very light, this means the sub-layer is activated, but not available at your current zoom level.  Zoom in so that it will display.

For more information, see Layers Menu.