Intterra's Animate Layers feature displays selected sub-layers of a named layer in succession at a time interval that you can choose.  This can useful for layers such as nowCOAST Rainfall Estimates), Fire History by decade, etc. 

You can find this feature in three clicks
  1. Select the layer name that you know is an animation and click on the V icon to open the layer
  2. Click on Details
  3. Click on the Gear icon
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You will now see the Animate settings with the Play tab on by default. 
  1. You can then select which sub-layer you would like to start the animation (all listed below), which sub-layer you would like to use as the end of the animation, as well as the frames per second (Frames/sec) value you would like.
  2. Click Play Animation.
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That's it!  

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NOTE: Be patient.  Large data sets can take a while to load and initialize.

NOTE: The animation currently pauses with the last sublayer until the next page refresh (approx. 30 seconds)

NOTE: If the blue stripe is very light, this means the sub-layer is activated, but not available at your current zoom level.  Zoom in so that it will display.

For more information, see Layers Menu.