In any Intterra workspace, it is possible to export whatever has been mapped on an incident to a geospatial PDF (GeoPDF), to a file geodatabase (GDB), or to a zipped set of shapefiles (SHP).

Open Tool

  1. Click on Manage Layers.
  2. Click on the Advanced settings button. 
  3. Click on Export Layers.

Choose What to Export and Format

  1. Select the area you want to export by zooming and panning to your area of interest (whatever is visible on the screen is what will export).
  2. Check the layers you want to export.  NOTE: There is a limit set by the providing GIS webservice (normally 1,000-point features per layer, but set higher in some layers, i.e. 3,000 for structure risk).  If you need more details than you can get in the current view, zoom in.  The number is displayed in (#).
  3. Enter the recipient email address(es).  If more than one address is listed, separate each one with a comma.
  4. Select the Export Format - GeoPDF, File GDB, or SHP.
  5. Enter a Map Title (GeoPDF only).
  6. Select a Scale Adjustment (GeoPDF only).  Moving the slider to the right increases the level of detail, but also the size of the file.  More detail means sharper images when users zoom in.  
  7. Click Export.