Some Intterra customers have their systems configured in such a way as to provide a means for the public to access and interact with the assessment information collected by that agency or department.  Assessment information can then be shared on that agency or department's own prevention and education website, and can address a number of community questions or concerns, such as:
  • What is my wildfire risk?  (More specifically, what is my wildfire risk interaction based on the assessed factors?)
  • How do the assessed factors affect my risk rating?  (And, is there any way to visualize this?)
  • If I make changes to my property (e.g., invest in a new roof and clean up surrounding brush), will that positively affect my risk rating?  (Perhaps I can submit those changes for review by the agency to approve and update?)
  • Can I access a public risk report for my parcel (if one was created)?

This article covers both the Public and Agency versions of the Home Risk Tool

Public Access

The public is granted access to a simple, anonymous version of the Risk Workspace.

Find Property

The public can find their property by: 
  • Entering the address and tapping Search.
  • Selecting Choose an area... and then choosing a neighborhood, community, or county from the agency-provided dropdown list (and then zooming to that area). 
  • Panning around the map to a specific location, and then selecting the parcel of interest.

The Public Can Add a New Assessment, if None Exist 

If no assessment is available, they can initiate one:
  1. The risk tool highlights the property. 
  2. The public then clicks on the location of the structure on the property. 
  3. They are then greeted with the welcome message.

Public Welcome and Instructions

The assessment for that property is opened and the public Home Risk Tool starts off with a welcome message that includes:
  1. Current risk rating.
  2. Instructions, the ability to adjust factors, and add their contact information.
  3. Access to a home risk report (if available).

Public Review, Edit, and Interaction with the Rating

The public can add and/or edit the factors that have been chosen to be publicly accessible.  As information is edited, the Risk Rating (yellow text) adjusts so that the homeowner can see the effect of their changes to their overall risk rating.

Public Adds Contact Information and Saves

The public can save the additions and changes for review and approval:
  1. Enter contact information: Name, phone number, and email address.
  2. Choose notification preferences: Receive emails or receive texts (or both).
  3. Press Save.

The public then receives a confirmation message.

NOTE: The public provided assessment is added to the map to provide feedback to the public user and information to the account users.  The public data is available in the Risk Reports and in the MapTip.  If its a new assessment the name of the collector listed as a public user. 

Agency Review and Approval

Your agency reviewer will:
  1. Be notified by email that the public has submitted information for review.
  2. Open the Home Risk Tool to view Pending Homeowner Changes.
  3. Select the assessment to review. 
  4. Complete follow-up and confirmation (or delegate to the local agency).  The reviewer can:
    1. Cancel – Hold for future review,
    2. Roll Back – Delete the request and remove the public information, or
    3. Approve – Save the changes to the home risk assessment database. 

IMPORTANT:  Anyone can access the site, make changes to the temporary assessment for the property, and request approval.  This approval process is your step to confirm that the request is valid.