For clients with access to the WIFIRE Fire Model Simulations, the Fire Prediction Models tool greatly enhances the user's ability to find and access WIFIRE models and count of potential impact estimates for houses and population by time. 

Here is how it works

You must be in a workspace that has the WIFIRE Fire Models layer.  Its best if this layer is turned on when using the tool.

  1. Sort model sims by Name, Recent or Nearby (similar to air intel tool)
  2. Search by Name
  3. Click on the model in the list to toggle it off on the map to remove clutter. Click on the target icon to zoom to the sim location. 
  4. Click on v icon view table of homes and population by each time period (provided by WIFIRE)
  5. Fire model layer in layers menu will show a filter icon if sims have been turned off in the tool.