It is a useful benefit to take advantage of the form based editing of Survey123 with the support of using Intterra based feature services


  • Form based editing
  • Able to calculate values within the Survey123 form
  • Can create conditional based questions
  • Can edit related tables to a feature class


  • Requires AGOL Organization Account
  • Require some technical expertise
  • Should use Survey123 connect attached to your AGOL account.  This is so that you can create a 


First make sure the following
Feature services with only one point layer with a name with no spaces works.  In this example we will show an example hydrant layer with a single word name as a layer name.   For 
  1. Open  Survey123 Connect to create a new survey
Image Placeholder
2. Select Existing Feature Service and name survey
Image Placeholder
3.  Edit and Design your survey based on desire
Image Placeholder4.  Edit XLSForm to modify survey.  Ensure that nothing is broken with a highlighted row.Image Placeholder

Fore more information please refer to the following tutorials for Survey 123