The Field Tool is a downloadable mobile app that gives you a simplified mapping tool for viewing, collecting, and sharing information in Intterra.

TIP: The primary function of the  Field Tool is to make it possible to see & collect information when in areas with little to no comms (when the web application cannot be reached). It is an independent app that permits a user to collect data and send location information to the Intterra web-based application.
The benefits of using the app for its intended use are significant -
  • Seamless sync to our servers. No client GIS specialist or moving files to and from cloud storage is required.
  • No separate accounts required!  Simple admin and no additional cost for client.
  • Same feel as Intterra web Maps app.
  • Ability to use as tracking device and display as a mobile unit.
  • Ability to create point, lines, and polygons by device location.
With the Field Tool, you can see your location in relation to incident maps and you can collect detailed information for daily use to support incident operations, structure triage, damage assessments, fire prevention, and wildfire risk planning.
The Field Tool is a solution for poor internet connectivity.  It supports offline operations, to include storage of Intterra and user-collected data and basemaps, and then it sends all user additions back to your organizations' Intterra database.
This app also lets you register your smart device and enable location tracking so your personal contact information and fieldwork location can be tracked in Intterra.  That way you can be contacted in the event of an emergency (registration and tracking requires an internet connection).
Below is a chart that shows the similarities and differences between the Intterra web-based application and the Field Tool.

Intterra Maps
Field Tool

Unique Capabilities

• Briefing View and Analytics
• All tools, such as:
• Manage Map
• Reports
• Interactive Tables
• Resource Management
• Aircraft / Satellite Intel
• Find / Search Location
• Measure Distance
• Review and Manage Home Risk
• PIO Public Map Tool
• All Metro Analytics
• Use of Workspaces
• Manage Users
• Offline use to view, add, edit and sync to Intterra servers
• Set up offline work areas for downloading data and basemaps
• Add map features using the device location (GPS track)
• Send your location and profile information to Intterra to be viewed by Intterra and Field Tool users

How do I access it?

• Web browser (recommend Chrome for PC and Android, Safari for Apple)

• Address:

Download the Field Tool app for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play

Secure login and user roles



What device is needed?

PC/Mac or tablet – not optimal on phones (only because of screen size)

Apple or Android tablet or smart phone only

Required level of internet bandwidth / connectivity?

Online only.  Requires 250 Kbps, but best if 2 Mbps or better

Online or offline.  Requires internet connectivity for initial login, loading and, later, for syncing data for use in your web-based Intterra system.