When you open the Field Tool, all of the data for your immediate geographic area (around your device location) is automatically cached to your device, even if you don't see it yet.  You can customize the map view in the Field Tool by selecting your preferred basemaps and the mapped data necessary for your work using the Layers menu.  To see the mapped data in your area:
  • Tap on View.  A list of mapped data categories will appear.
  • Navigate to the layer you want to review and select it.  Selected layers have a blue stripe on the right edge.
  • Tap the down arrow (on the right) to see any sublayers that you can toggle on or off.
When online, Intterra data is automatically sent to and from your device on a scheduled basis.  Please keep in mind that large amounts of data can affect performance.  To minimize interruptions and optimize performance, the update frequency and, in some cases, the amount of data, have been set by our developer.  For some layers, the amount of data is limited to a radius from your current GPS location.

When you are online, there are three ways that data layers are updated automatically on your device (see Field Tool Auto-Cache for more information):
  1. Whenever a layer is turned on (or off and back on).
  2. According to a preset schedule for each layer category.  This typically ranges from five minutes for data with frequent changes to 15 minutes for more static data.
  3. When the device moves a set distance.
NOTE: For offline areas, update the offline area to ensure you have the most recent data.  See Field Tool Offline Areas.

TIP: It's helpful to turn on layers while you have good comms.  Offline performance is improved if only the data you need for that time is toggled on (and all other layers are toggled off).

TIP: To learn more information about a layer's radius, refresh time, and refresh distance:
  • Select the layer, click the down arrow, and then look at the end of that layer's list.
  • Read the information supplied in the Auto-Cache Settings.
    • Radius: The distance around you for mapped information to be automatically saved or auto-cached to your device.  This value varies by the type of data layer.
    • Refresh time: Set based on the need and availability of new information.
    • Refresh distance: Not set when it's unlikely you will move beyond the radius within the Refresh time.

Online/Offline Status

The online/offline status is visible at the bottom of a menu.  For example: