The Field Tool is designed to work on iOS (Apple) and Android smart devices and tablets.  
Minimum Device Requirements:
  • Operating system: iOS 8+ and Android 4.4+
  • Connectivity: Cell data and/or WiFi for initial install and login, loading, caching of basemaps and Intterra map data, and syncing device data to Intterra.
  • Photos: Device camera
  • Location: GPS
TIP: If you have (or are considering getting) a WiFi-only device, please consider these factors.  WiFi-only devices acquire the location from nearby WiFi hotspots (even those they're not connected to), so the location can be very imprecise.  Within the Field Tool, mapping based on your device location is disabled if the accuracy is below a certain threshold.  The best solutions are to either use a GPS dongle or pair with a GPS device.  Otherwise, use of the Field Tool's GPS tracking on WiFi-only devices is not recommended.