The use of the Field Tool puts a demand on your device's battery.  Displaying the map, automatic and frequent syncing of data, and especially GPS tracking, all require power.  The actual length of working time per charge will vary with the device, the age, and condition of the battery, viewing time, etc. 

Battery Life Considerations

Bring a battery charger and a battery pack if you plan to be working away from power. 

When installed, the app is set by default to share your location always and work/refresh in background.  When the device is asleep or you are using a different app, the following functions will still occur:
  • Data auto-caching.
  • Your location will be sent to Intterra.
  • Mapping using your device's location (which is the most demanding).
Tip: To save battery life when you're not using the Field Tool, close the app by swiping it away. 

NOTE: There's no need to log out when you close the app.  Logging out clears your profile and any offline areas you've saved.

NOTE: You can change the device settings to only share location when the app is in use and/or not refresh in background. However, this will affect the operation of the app related to some or all of the above bullet items.