Currently, there are five main ways to easily get your maps and data from Intterra so you can view them in other formats. 

  1. A few types of reports in Intterra can be displayed in a web browser, saved to PDF, and printed. 
  2. In any workspace, it is possible to export whatever has been mapped on an incident to a geospatial PDF (geoPDF), to a zipped set of shapefiles (SHP), or to a file geodatabase (GBD) using the Layer Export Tool.  GIS Specialists - the Export to SHP File and Export to File GDB tools were made specifically for you!  Please use them and let us know how they work for you.
  3. From interactive table reports, you can copy, email, and download data. 
  4. The PIO workspace provides the tool for a PIO to publish limited information about an incident to the public.
  5. To print just the map, you also have several options.  See How do I print a map? for more information.
Additionally, Aircraft Intel and Satellite Intel Tool data can be downloaded as a KML, an image, and as video files (if available) for use in GIS and other common tools and apps.  See Aircraft Intel Tool and Satellite Intel Tool for more information.