Yes, Intterra has a Layer Export Tool.  If you need to map one of your preplans outside of Intterra, select the Manage Layers menu, and click Advanced.  This will make the Export Layers button visible, and then you can then export the features you see in your screen as a Geospatial PDF (GeoPDF), a file geodatabase (GDB), or a set of shapefiles (SHP).

TIP: Turn off all layers except the ones you are trying to export.  If you do this, you'll know exactly what you will have available to you in your exported file.

Keep in mind, you can export up to 1,000 features at a time.  If the buttons are grayed out, it means that you have too many features and you need to zoom in to a smaller area.

If you ever want all of your data, Intterra Customer Support can certainly export it for you.  We ask, however, that this is an infrequent request and that we receive several days notice.

For more information, see Layer Export Tool.