Intterra provides two applications to meet clients’ decision support needs – the web-based Intterra system and the Field Tool.  You can view, add, and edit your editable data layers stored on Intterra’s cloud service with both tools, but they each serve completely different purposes and offer unique strengths.

TIP: Unless you need to collect or use Intterra in areas with poor or no internet, or use your device to share your location with others, Intterra Maps (web) is your best choice.   

Intterra is a web-based Decision Support System that can give you the most up-to-date picture of your jurisdiction in an easy-to-use map-based Common Operating Picture.  It provides you with the knowledge you need to respond to emergencies quickly and effectively, as well as tools for mapping and collecting, reporting, and analytics.  For access, visit:

The Field Tool is a companion app to Intterra that gives you a simplified mapping tool for viewing, collecting, and sharing information.  The Field Tool’s primary function is online and offline data collection - including the collection of photos - and it can report the locations of Field Tool users in the field.

Choosing the best tool for the job depends on matching the unique capabilities of the tool with the task at hand.  Below is a chart to help you decide which tool is most appropriate for you at any time:
Intterra Maps
Field Tool
Unique Capabilities
  • Briefing View and Analytics
  • All tools, such as:
    • Manage Map
    • Reports
    • Interactive Tables
    • Resource Management
    • Aircraft / Satellite Intel
    • Find / Search Location
    • Measure Distance
    • Review and Manage Home Risk
    • All Metro SitStat Monitor and Analytics
  • Use of Workspaces
  • Manage Users
  • Offline use to view, add, edit and sync to Intterra servers
  • Set up offline work areas for downloading data and basemaps
  • Add map features using the device location (GPS track)
  • Send your location and profile information toIntterra to be viewed byIntterra and Field Tool users
How do I access it?
Download the Field Tool app for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play
Secure login and user roles
What device is needed?
PC/Mac, tablet or smartphone – any device with internet access! The Briefing Mode is best suited for a large screen, but is accessible on your phone.
Apple or Android tablet or smartphone only
Required level of internet bandwidth / connectivity?
Online only.  Requires 250 Kbps, but best if 2 Mbps or better
Online or offline.  Requires internet connectivity for initial login, loading and, later, for syncing data for use in your web-based Intterra system.

Note: Some users like Android and iOS apps simply for the ease of accessing them by clicking on an icon.  Check out how to properly add the web Maps app to a home screen -