Intterra provides our software and service to agencies and it's their responsibility to manage user accounts for their system.   

Here are two ways that we can help you get an account.  The software is the same, but they are configured with specific data and tools to meet the agency’s needs. 

  1. Below is a list of federal and state agencies who have web forms for requesting accounts. 

  2. Let us know your location and agency and we can help connect you with an agency rep who can help you with an account. 

National Fire EGP is intended for use by NIFC’s partner agencies, state and local partners, and other authorized viewers.

Colorado - COWIMS - Access Colorado's Multi-Mission Aircraft data, as well as a suite of useful tools for wildland fire. At this time we only grant access to agency cooperators, and strongly prefer agency related email addresses for your account if possible.

Montana - Situational Analyst Montana (SAM).  Available to all government agencies within Montana

Oregon - State of Oregon Fire Situation Analyst (SOFSA).  

Associations, or any federal wildland fire agency, visit

  • Any other partner such as landowners, please contact your local ODF

District Forester to authorize your account, then visit the registration page.