Here are highlights of what's new in wildfire technology to increase situational awareness and provide decision support. Links provide more information for where to find and how to uses these tools.  Examples and screenshots are from the Bond Incident, Orange County, CA, December 3, 2020.

The first 24-48 hours are critical for wildfire operations - a time when there is often an information vacuum. Integrated real-time wildfire intelligence is helping to fill that gap to provide situational awareness and provide decision support. 

National Fireguard Detections

The National Fireguard Detections layer provides wildfire detection and monitoring for areas of heat. The value is that it is persistent and can fill in the gap between twice-a-day satellite orbits and aircraft intel flights. Learn more...

National Fireguard Detection layer
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FIRIS 2020 Layers and Tools

For California - WIFIRE Fire Models, AEVEX Air Intel for IR mapping, images, and video, and California AVL and Ground Intel.  Learn more... 

IR perimeter using Airborne Intel tool 
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IR image
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Fire Prediction Model Tool

For clients with access to the WIFIRE Fire Model Simulations, the Fire Prediction Model tool greatly enhances the user's ability to find and access WIFIRE models and count of potential impact estimates for houses and population by time.  Learn more...

WIFIRE Fire Model showing estimated spread without suppression effort
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Layer Stats/FMAG Tool

Layer Stats can be used to quickly gather information critical information required to a FEMA FMAG application. The same procedure can be used for evacuation planning, PIO needs, etc.   Learn more...

Count of building footprints