There are two recent enhancements that you may not have noticed.  Access to these varies by client and user role

  • Mobile Units (Resources) layer is less cluttered!  Units with no movement in 7 days are now in a separate sublayer.  So they are still in the system, but need to be turned on to view.  NOTE: Mobile Units are different than SitStat Tool units.   To turn them on, 
  1. Click on the V next to Mobile Units (Resources) to open the sublayers
  2. Click on the no movement for 7 days sublayer to view
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  • The SitStat Monitor Tool has a new button to view and access the info pane for nearby map items.  This is useful when a 'SitStat' incident or Unit is displayed over the top of a mapped feature - for example a preplan that has an attachment you need to access.
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