When Oregon users login to their local system they will see a few subtle but important changes - you are now sharing much of the same statewide incident and preplan mapping data.   

  • State-wide shared mapping in the web Maps app and Field Tool.  The layer names didn't change, but are all viewing and mapping the same data. 
    • Incident Editing: Incidents, Wildfire, HazMat, USAR, Hazard
    • Damage Assessments
    • Wildfire Preplans
    • Fuels Treatments
    • Edit Hydrants
    • Structure Risk Assessment.  We also added the lasso Risk Reports to the Tools menu.  
  • Mobile Units - You will now see 'Oregon Mobile Units' near the top of layers in Ops related workspaces.  There are 2 layers available - local and shared, but to avoid duplication and confusion, we just added the 'Oregon Mobile Units' for now.  To view and manage you own units you will need to open the 'Mobile Resources/Tracking' Tool in the tools menu - you will a table and they will now display on the map. 
  • Structure Preplans -  Much like mobile units above, you will now see a shared view-only layer called 'Oregon Structure Preplan' in operation's focused workspaces.   To view, add, and edit your own structure preplans, go to your preplan workspace.  
  • It's recommended that you clear user settings so that you can take advantage of the shared layers. In case user-persistent settings are complicating your ability to view the shared data.
Note:  Existing data from each client was copied into the new Oregon share.