There is a new NWCG national standard for wildfire map symbology in 2021. 

What do I need to know? 

1. The new symbology is very different

According to the NWCG...

Point and Line symbols have undergone a redesign to give the entire dataset a more cohesive look and bring ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Online symbols into closer alignment. There is still not enough complexity supported in feature services to allow for a single cross-platform symbol set, but the new symbols are a step towards what is expected in 2022 to make a single set possible.

Click here for NWCG information on the standard and the update.  

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2. The new symbology is deployed and ready for use for Intterra clients in the following layers:
  • National Incidents (NIFS) - This is the view only layer of the National Incident Feature Service used by Incident Management Teams.
  • Local wildfire mapping and markups using Intterra's mapping layer (state wildfire clients and other clients with the Incident Management Module).  This includes - 
    • Manage Wildfire - Add and edit wildfire mapping that is shared with system users. 
    • Current Mapped Incidents - View-only layer of all incident edits, including a Wildfire sublayer
3. Evacuation and Control Objective symbols now live in the Manage Information and Access layer for Intterra clients wishing to edit these.  The new NWCG standard removed many symbols including those for evacuations and control objectives by Intterra users.  For view-only users, they can be seen in Current Mapped Incidents - Wildfire sublayer. 

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For more information, check out this document shared with Intterra client contacts about the changes to their systems - Changes to the National Incident Feature Service 2021.pdf