New!  Intterra now has the ability to group and 'nest' layers together that share a common theme.  

Nesting together layers that share a common theme shortens the layer list and makes finding a layer of interest much easier for users.

What do I need to know?

  • Simply press Image Placeholderto open the list and Image Placeholder to close it. 
  • As in the past, clicking Image Placeholder next to a layer included in the group opens sublayers and access to Image Placeholder and Image Placeholder when enabled.
  • Layers that are included in the nest are shaded gray to help users identify them.  Sublayers, when opened, are a darker gray. 
Image Placeholder

How will Nested Layers be deployed for my system?

This feature is configurable for your system by Intterra support.  Starting around the first of April 2021, Intterra account managers will be reaching out to client managers to schedule a time to develop a plan for and deploy Nested Layers for each client.