Intterra leverages an aggregate of federal, state and local map layers to help create situational awareness and a common operating picture.  Check out Common Data Layers in Intterra

Below is the status of layers that are temporarily or permanently no longer available from the providing agency: 

As of July 29, 2019

  • Spot Weather Forecast - Provider has deprecated the service and a replacement has not be found.
  • DOI Stream Flow and FEMA Floods - deprecated the services.  Similar layers are USGS Stream Gauges and NWS Fooding Outlook. 
  • National Predictive Service Group (NPSG) - Temporarily unavailable while the services are being move to a new server. 
    • NPSG Fire Watches & Warnings NPSG Observed Precipitation
    • NPSG Fire Danger (NFDRS)
    • NPSG 7 Day Outlook
    • NPSG Seasonal Outlook
    • NPSG Fuel Moisture
    • NPSG NDVI Greenness
    • NPSG Fire Danger (Haines Index)
  • NWS River Forecast - Provider has deprecated the service.  Replaced with NWS Fooding Outlook.
  • FAA Aeronautical Charts - The FAA has deprecated the service.  Replaced with services
  • PLSS - Geocommunicator has deprecated the service.  Replaced with BLM layer.
  • USGS - Seismic Events 30-days (USGS) and Shakemap 30-days (USGS).  Replaced with Seismic Events (USGS/PAGER) from livefeeds.
NOTE: Not all systems are configured with these layers.