Current Known Issues:

1. Select iOS device screens unresponsive to tapping to select features
We have confirmed reports that some iOS devices are unresponsive to tapping the screen to select features on the map to access the info pane.  We are actively working on a solution and have reported the issue to ERSI. 
  • Devices - The issue appears to be limited to some Apple iPad Air 2 and 3 and some iPad Pro's using the latest iOS version 13.3.  
  • Browsers - Chrome appears to work correctly and is a possible workaround.  The issue has been experienced with Safari and Firefox.    

Recently Resolved Issues:
1. Possible Interruption of Service to SitStat Tool
To Be Determined - We are rolling out several enhancements to the SitStat tool.  SitStat will be intermittently interrupted as necessary code changes are deployed.  Back-end database changes made 1/29/2020.

2. Legend symbols
Depending on the device OS and browser used, an empty box or error symbol may display between the icon and layer name in the legend.  It is not apparent using the Chrome browser on PC's or Androids devices.   Is is a known issue with all iOS (Apple) devices and on PC's using Firefox, Edge and Internet Explorer.  

3. Search in SitStat Monitor
Currently there is erratic behavior with the search functionality within the SitStat monitor tool. Occasionally the search will stop responding - to resolve this, you need to refresh the page. To know if the search has stopped responding or if there is just no match to your search input, look at the color of the search line:
If there is no match to what you are searching for, the line will turn red and an error message will appear in the upper right-hand corner:

However, if the search has stopped responding, the line will remain gray and no error will appear:

4. Wildfire Report Bugs
a. Export does not function - we have identified a fix and will deploy it before the end of May
b. Due to the 2019 IRWIN update, some back-end queries in our system that populate these wildfire reports need to be adjusted. We are in the process of doing so with the aim to fix these before the end of May. We will update this message as soon as these counts are corrected. 

5. Android Touch Navigation

**Refresh Needed**

A fix for the ArcGIS/Android/Chrome issue was deployed last evening; users may experience a blank/unresponsive screen when attempting to login to Intterra. If this happens, please perform a full-page refresh (F5) and if that does not clear the problem, users may need to clear their cookies/cached files to fully resolve.

Useful links to clear your cookies/cache

Please email if you have any further questions, comments, or concerns.