Adding an Intterra icon to a device home screen can simplify opening the web app (because it eliminates the need to open a browser and type in a URL or find a bookmark).  The addition of an icon is especially handy for devices being used in apparatus as mobile data computers (MDC) that may have a range of users and, possibly, several apps to which they need to have access. 

The process varies by operating system and browser.  Please check those specific help sites for the most current information.

In general:
  1. From in to Intterra using Safari for iOS or Chrome for Android and select Stay Logged In.
  2. Follow the steps to add the Intterra icon to your home screen while on the Portal Page (the page with "The Latest" tab, the "Guides" tab, etc, prior to launching the app).  While users will still need to click the Launch Maps button from this page, this is the recommended workflow and will ensure users see any important information prior to launching.
IMPORTANT: DO NOT add a shortcut from the Intterra app window (map, menu)!  The correct icon will look like:
(If you don't see this icon, please remove the shortcut.)

NOTE: If a user logs out on the device or the login expires, the user will land on the login page after pressing the shortcut.

iOS (Apple)

Steps for Safari.  Other browsers, like Chrome for iOS, do not offer this feature.  
  1. Click on the Share icon.
  2. Click Add to Home Screen.
  3. Edit the name to display (optional).
  4. Click Add. 


Steps for Chrome:
  1. Press the More icon.
  2. Click on Add to Home screen.
  3. Type in the name to display, then Add.