Type of service to be provided: Intterra provides a centralized visual interface for much of an agency’s data. Use it to manage emerging incidents, to develop effective preplans, and to share a common operational picture. And when you need to report to your stakeholders, the Intterra analytics and reporting engine will arm you with unique insights about your agency, enabling you to share your story of effective, responsive community service. These tools are assembled and run using the following major technologies, frameworks, or solutions: React, Node JS, Knockout.js, Durandal, Express.js, ASP.Net, ArcGIS, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, HIVE, Debian, Centos, Amazon Linux, Ubuntu, and Windows Server.

Desired performance level & measurement: 99.95% uptime based on API calls to Intterra systems.


Monitoring process and service level reporting: Report on uptime every 30 days and review internally.


The steps for reporting issues with the service: Any/all issues and questions about the services provided should be sent to support@intterragroup.com.  Response and issue resolution time-frame: Support tickets are managed based on service priority with uptime and availability issues being addressed immediately and procedural items being addressed during business hours, typically 8am – 5pm Mountain time. 

Uptime & Availability resolution: Engineers will be notified of production issues via auto-generated system alarms or support ticket escalations; engineers are required to respond to critical alarms within 5 to10 minutes of notification.